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Online Memory and Focus Development Course

  • Boost your brainpower and improve your memory!
  • Learn effective techniques for memorizing information
  • 34 lessons

    34 lessonson an interactive platform

  • Ongoing support

    One-to-one supportfrom an assistant

  • Raising your memory retention speed

    Increase your memory retention speedby up to 2 times

get free access for 7 days

Memorize with ease and keep your brain active!

Learn and memorize easily and fatigue-free!

The course is designed to help you:

  • Stay alert and think clearly
  • Easily master foreign languages
  • Learn faster and forget about rote learning
  • Maintain energy levels even after a long day at work
  • Develop focus and intellectual endurance

To maintain brain vitality, regular mental exercises are necessary.

Creating new neural connections helps keep our minds sharp and our cognitive abilities at their peak. During the very first session, we will share techniques for effective memorization, retention, and recall of information.

This course is suitable for:

  • Those who want to improve alertness and mental clarity

    Through easy and playful exercises, you’ll be able to regain mental clarity and strengthen brain health.

  • Those who work and want to reduce fatigue

    You’ll develop intellectual endurance and learn to conserve energy even after a challenging day at work.

  • Those who are frequently distracted

    Enhance your focus, handle more tasks efficiently, and save time.

  • Those who are learning a lot of new information

    Increase your information retention speed by up to two times.

get free access for 7 days

After completing the course, you will:

  • Retain information for longer;

  • Remember up to 2 times the amount of information from books and movies;

  • Memorize up to 100 new words a day;

  • Reduce fatigue after a workday;

  • Enhance your ability to concentrate on new, complex information;

  • Gain over 150 hours of free time a year that you used to spend on rereading and memorizing.

  • Stop forgetting words during conversations;

  • Be able to help your children and grandchildren with their studies;

  • Remember phone numbers and birthdays of all your family and friends;

  • Master a new profession;

  • Amaze your loved ones with your memory;

  • Quickly memorize foreign words.

Our training program:

  • Theory

    Short video lessons tailored to each topic

  • Practice

    Interactive tasks and activities on the learning platform

  • Knowledge consolidation

    Test yourself and earn achievements

  • Community interaction

    Chat with fellow students and enjoy support from assistants and instructors


Learn to remember any information using visual thinking techniques.
Remember countries and capitals, different currencies, new professional terminology from any profession and more.
Understand how to remember lists, surnames and complex words.
Learn how to memorize foreign words quickly across multiple languages.
Master the technique of numerical memorization for phone numbers, important dates, credit card information and any other numerical data.
Learn to memorize flags, diagrams, artwork, complex formulas, faces and other graphics.
Master the technique to rapidly memorize large amounts of text word-for-word.
Learn to remember the names and faces of people you don’t know.
get free access for 7 days


Svetlana Savchuk

I am a professional tutor in biology and chemistry. Before purchasing the course, I was a bit concerned that the methods might be complex (tedious), and I wouldn't be able to adapt them for children and my subjects. It turned out that everything was quite...

Elena Yeryomenko

There were no doubts or issues when purchasing the course. The course is very well structured, with interesting short videos, and the option to review them multiple times. I liked that you can ask questions if something is unclear. As a result...

Elena Pak

I purchased the course to improve my memory and to ward off Alzheimer's, so to speak. I also wanted to encourage my children and students to engage in it to ease exam preparation. I had concerns that I wouldn't have time for regular sessions, but...

get free access for 7 days

Enjoy results from the very first session with our seven day free trial.
Strengthen your memory after only one week of training.

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